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Solar Energy is the newest and most economical way to save on cost and to be ensured of having electricity in your house or business any time of day.

Renewable energy.

Switching to renewable energy is the new way of living in a volatile world where depending on an electricity supplier is something of the past.

It’s all in your hands. We cannot afford these days to be sitting in the dark and dealing with load shedding. Businesses and residential house owners across the country is looking at alternative ways to switch to renewable energy. By switching to off-grid systems electricity putting the trust back into their hands.

One of the main benefits of having an off-grid solar system is that it gives our already strained grid a boost. Even more is when your system is linked to batteries, allowing the consumer to have power when the grid is down.

Solar energy is extremely renewable and cost saving meaning you will never run out of solar power as long as the sun exists. The fossil fuels that we generally used for the production energy are not that sustainable and harm the environment in multiple ways.


The high amount of benefits of having PV energy as a means of power generation for consumers is becoming more and more apparent in our ever more polluted environment The solar industry is currently transforming our energy sector and it is reducing our dependence on our already depleted fossil fuels.

Solar Energy is changing the worlds perspective on being dependent on an electricity supplier, taking the responsibility away and completely your own.


Solar Installations done by Greenline Projects can benefit households as well as small businesses in South Africa in several ways.

Solar installation done at your premises could greatly improve your property value and resale value by drawing in a more eco conscious buyers.

Solar is a fantastic way to promote your company, raise more awareness and prove to your community that you are committed to reduce your footprint. 

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