Our Company’s Services

Our success is in the attention we give on every detail of every project regardless of the size or cost of the project. That is achieved through strong, dependable partnerships and our quality focused staff. 

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is one of our strengths. Our experienced management team ensures that clients can expect expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and superior quality.

sustainable living

Sustainable Building Solutions

Seeing the bigger picture of building in a “ECO” friendly environment, we help to integrate sustainable solutions by helping our clients become less dependent from outside sources and more independent 

Sustainable building works in hotel

Green Building Solutions

A few years ago, sustainable construction was separate to the normal building practice. Now more than ever people are becoming more aware of  Green Building Solutions. We recognize that we could change building practices with a greener outlook and reduce our footprint on the environment in all our processes. 

solar panels on roof

Solar Installations

 We offer our Solar Installation Services to residential customers. We also offer our services to small companies and  leading EPC companies throughout South Africa. Clean, renewable solar energy is not only something to feel good about because it reduces our carbon footprint. 



We offer general  construction work, from residential home construction to large construction projects.  

Renovation of bathroom


We offer Expert Renovation and Maintenance Services, from quality renovations, painting and exceptional tiling works. 

Balcones of a greenbuilding

Maintenance Services

Maintenance is a burden that all of us face. We offer maintenance services to solar plants, residential complexes, shopping centers and much more.

Electrical Installations

Vastly experienced we offer great electrical installations for the normal household to the large scale solar facility.

hybrid inverter

Solar Equipment Sales

Our professional supplier base give us access to critical industry data from around the globe, empower us with the latest / best technology and the best prices. This includes but not limited to:
Solar Panels, Inverters, Off-grid Packages ,Grid-tied Packages, Hybrid packages.