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We’re committed to offering you solar products at very affordable prices with guaranteed quality and service.

We service both residential and commercial clients to help them save hundreds and even thousands of Rands on their electricity bills. 


Our Products

We provide only the best solar equipment for our installations giving us and our clients total peace of mind.

Solar Panels and Inverters

We offer only the best solar panels with the likes of Canadian solar and the inverters we install are of the best makes on the market .


 We supply top class locally manufactured lithium ion batteries for our installations .

Hartbeespoort Solar Installations





Greenline Projects the Best Solar Panels Hartbeespoort and Solar Power Systems Provider in Hartbeespoort Dam.

As the leading provider of solar power Hartbeespoort and throughout South Africa.

Greenline Projects will help you reduce your energy costs, increase sustainability, and help your business achieve energy freedom.

We help our customers to understand the advantages of solar power and how it works. We know that each customer’s energy usage is different, which is why we always provide expert advice to determine the best solar system to suit your home and lifestyle.

Our experienced and highly efficient team provide an outstanding level of support and guidance throughout the process of installing solar panels Hartbeespoort.

 What we can help with?

 Residential Solar

Our residential solar solutions can help you to control your energy costs, as well as add value to your home.


Greenline Projects can assist your business to cut operating costs and lock in energy rates, helping you take control of your energy usage.


We supply and install reliable, high-end solar products from trusted brands, includingPanels from the likes ofCanadian Solar,Inverters from likes of SMAand Batteries from leading companies likeFreedom Wonto name only a few.      

Residential & commercial solar solutions

Our residential solar solutions can help you to control your energy costs, as well as add value to your home.

By installing solar panels in Hartbeespoort and decreasing your reliance on the electricity your home sources from your Eskom. You can protect yourself against imminent electricity price rises

THE Sun is free, and by collecting and using this energy THE Sun provides, you will be able to decrease your electricity usage.

Grid Tied Solar Installations Hartbeespoort Dam

Looking for a way to decrease your electricity bill? A grid-tied solar system is the best possible cost-saving idea one can think off.


If we talk about developed cities and towns like Hartbeespoort dam, almost every home is provided with continuous electricity supply by the municipality/Eskom.

We say that the home is connected to Eskom or to the municipal grid, from where it receives the continuous electrical supply.

A grid-tied solar system in Hartbeespoort dam is not a stand-alone system, but is dependent upon the supply we get from Eskom/municipality.

Solar/PV panels produce Direct Current (DC) voltages. These Direct Current (DC) voltages are turned into AC electricity by an electrical device known as inverter, be it any type of solar installation.

In Grid-tied systems, this inverter is being powered by the grid-power supply and, in turn, converts your DC signals into AC voltages, making it compatible with the home’s requirements as well as the grid power supply.

Hartbeespoort dam Grid-tied solar installations , typically, do not require batteries to store excessive energy. Any excessive energy produced by the solar system is fed back to Eskom/municipal grid, and this can add to the national power supply.

However, this depends from area to area and requires your utility provider to permit you to supply excessive energy to the grid.

Having Eskom/municipal power supply comes with another benefit. Say suppose, that your solar installation is not able to provide enough energy that fulfils your household demands.

In this case, the shortfall can be met by grid-power. So grid-tied solar installations can import energy from the main grid if there would by any need.

Grid-tied solar systems are in general more cost effective than hybrid and off-grid solar systems due to the lower installation and system equipment cost involved.

There are always ways in which grid-tied solar systems can be designed to have future proof capabilities in regards to having additional solar panels, inverters or charge controllers and batteries fitted to grid-tied solar systems.

In the end, it forms part of the “perfect grid-tied solar solution” if you want your home to be connected to the power grid. 

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar Installations Hartbeespoort Dam

Greenline Projects is the leader in South Africa hybrid solar installation market currently based in Rustenburg. We can install a hybrid solar system hassle-free anywhere in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Hybrid solar systems can be described as an off-grid solar system with grid backup power for those unforeseeable power outages or load shedding.

Consumers, who seek the best of both the worlds, generally go for hybrid solar installations in Hartbeespoortdam.

Hybrid power systems are used predominantly in areas which have poor grid-power supply, and the reliability is low, be it from load shedding. Thus, to better prepared for any power outages and better safeguarding of power supply, hybrid solar systems in Hartbeespoort are installed.

In this case, these systems are fairly similar to the previous type with the addition of a few other components.

Solar panels generate Direct Current (DC) voltage, which is converted in to Alternating Current (AC) voltage by an inverter. However, any excessive energy is not fed back to the main grid, instead is stored in the batteries.

To summarize, a hybrid solar installations generally have solar panels, a grid-tied inverter or “hybrid”, batteries, and a battery inverter. These are just some of the items that you could expect to find in a hybrid solar system.

Additional electronic devices obviously mean that hybrid systems are typically the more expensive than the grid-tied system type.


It is like a grid-tie solar system in the way it generates power, however, it utilizes batteries to store the energy for use at a later stage when needed.

Off Grid Solar Installation

Off Grid Solar Installation In Hartbeespoort Dam

The Hartbeespoort Dam area experiences load shedding and power outages during times when most needed, when this happens, you are left at the mercy of Eskom and a noisy generator.

Hartbeespoort Off-grid solar installations.

What if you need electricity in Hartbeespoort dam, but you want a standalone electrical system?

Off-grid solar systems are precisely that. They are a 100% independent and they are not connected to any local utility provider network.

Off-grid installations are best-suited for anyone who wants total control over the electricity production and distribution, and is typically self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements. Lodges, farms, motels, and homes in Hartbeespoort dam, all could benefit from off-grid solar installations.

Off-grid solar systems, that are purely independent from any external power system, are generally the most expensive type of solar systems. They not only require more electrical equipment, but more infrastructures as well.

This adds to the overall cost as compared to the grid-tied and hybrid solar installations. Moreover an off-grid solar installation is designed very sensitively.

They have to account for any battery drainage, weather conditions which might cut down on the solar radiation, and any solar panel weakening. Thus, huge power margins are considered while designing the system.

Apart from basic components like solar panels and inverter, the battery bank is of utmost importance in an off-grid installation.

It must be large enough to store and support the household requirements for at least 2 to 3 days without getting charged.

Many companies, like Greenline Projects design specialized battery banks that are recommended for off-grid solution.

At Greenline Projects we offer bespoke turnkey solar solutions.

Our team feature experienced individuals who have remained accustomed to solar power systems for a better part of their career. Be it any power system designing, energy-consultancy or customer service, Greenline Projects can offer client-tuned offers and solutions.

Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser Installations Hartbeespoort Dam

Do you need an effective solar geyser installation in Hartbeespoort Dam?

Greenline Projects have been serving the Hartbeespoort Dam community for many years supplying solar power innovations, installations and products ending up saving customers money and time.

The advantage of having a solar geyser installed is that you don’t have to be afraid of load shedding and sitting in the dark time and again. 


Installing a solar geyser is a cost-saving idea, especially if you have a family of two and more. A current geyser uses a lot of electricity when it needs to heat water after being used, the cost of re-heating water can become expensive, ending up costing you more than expected.

You will also do your eco-friendly part to the environment installing a solar geyser

Solar power

Solar power Hartbeespoort Dam


Greenline Projects is passionate about helping people to reduce their carbon footprint and make better choices for themselves and their families, both for the environment and financially.


We supply and install state-of-the-art solar power systems in Hartbeespoort Dam.

Using only the latest technologies and the best quality components, for only a small investment, you can enjoy all the benefits of solar power in your own home and see a pleasing decrease in your electricity bill.


Ready to Save on Your Energy Bill?

A solar system designed by Greenline Projects will save you a lot of money in the long term due to your reduction in your electrical consumption. 

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