Solar Energy Thabazimbi

Greenline Projects (Pty) Ltd is the Leader in solar installations in Thabazimbi. Wprovide the best equipment for our Solar installations in and around Thabazimbi.  We at Greenline Projects  offer our Expert Installation services throughout South Africa. 

The best solar installations in Thabazimbi

Are you looking for a high-quality solar system for your home or commercial property? If you’re based in Thabazimbi in the North-West Province, Greenline Projects can help.

We are the leading solar provider in Koster and can help you with all your solar requirements in the Thabazimbi area.

Contact a member of our talented solar installations team today to find out how you can have a world-class solar system.

Great Hybrid Solar Installations in Thabazimbi


Greenline Projects is the leader in South Africa hybrid solar installation market. We can install a hybrid solar system hassle-free anywhere in Thabazimbi.

 A hybrid solar installation is a great idea it makes use of solar power that comes from a photovoltaic system. Together with a battery backup, your solar system leaves you with ample power during load shedding.

 It is like a grid-tie solar system in the way it generates power, however, it uses batteries to store the energy for use at a later stage when needed.

The Best Off Grid Solar Installation In Thabazimbi

The Thabazimbi area experiences load shedding and power outages during times when most needed, when this happens, you are left at the mercy of Eskom and a noisy generator.

With an off-grid solar system, you are not connected to the national power grid and, you won’t even know when there is load shedding or a power outage.  All though there is an cost to install your off-grid solar system. One should always remember that in the end, it would save you money, especially with electricity prices increasing and the best part to remember is that solar power is free of charge.

Contact us for an obligation-free quotation for your off-grid solar system today and find out how we can save you money.

Grid Tied Solar Installations Thabazimbi

Looking for a way to decrease your electricity bill? A grid-tied solar system is the best possible cost-saving idea one can think off.

A grid-tied solar system is tied directly to the electricity grid. Any excess power that your solar system generates feed into the grid and can dramatically cut your electricity bill.

In the end, it forms part of the “perfect grid-tied solar solution” if you want your home connected to the power grid.

Solar Geyser Installations Thabazimbi

 Do you need an effective solar geyser installation in Thabazimbi?

The advantage of having a solar geyser installed is that you will have hot water even during load shedding

 Installing a solar geyser is a cost-saving idea, especially if you have a family of two and more. A current geyser uses a lot of electricity when it needs to heat water after being used. The cost of re-heating water can become expensive, ending up costing you more than expected. You will also do your eco-friendly part to the environment installing a solar geyser.

solar panels on roof
a solar installation

Solar power Thabazimbi


Greenline Projects is passionate about helping people to cut their carbon footprint and make better choices for themselves and their families, both for the environment and financially.

We supply and install latest solar power systems in Thabazimbi. Using only the latest technologies and the best quality components, for only a small investment, you can enjoy all the benefits of solar power in your own home and see a pleasing decrease in your electricity bill.

Koster enjoys more sun exposure than most places in North West, with an average of 8-10 hours of sunlight every da

Solar is a fantastic way to promote your company, raise more awareness and prove to your community that you are committed to reduce your footprint. 

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