Blue Nova 24kWh/52V Lithium Battery


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Blue Nova 24kWh/52V Lithium Battery

The Blue Nova BN52V-460-24k Lithium Iron Yttrium Phosphate Batteries are capable of delivering up to 90% of their charge for more than 4000 times. This is achieved in ambient temperatures of more than 35C without any performance degradation making these batteries perfectly suited for operation in warm African conditions.

Yttrium-fortified cathode for ultra-resilience
against accelerated degradation & fade.
• Fully rechargeable in as little as 2 hours.
• Serial communication (CANBUS)
compatible with leading peripherals
incl. Victron®, Studer®, Ingeteam®,
SMA® & Goodwe®
• On-board monitoring & diagnostics via
integrated user interface / display.
• Marine-grade stainless steel enclosure.
• 10 Year product warranty.


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