With the start of load shedding in the past, the interest in Solar power and solar installations soared and all indicators are present that load shedding may be intermittent but the rising cost of electricity is here to stay…

Solar panels and sun

With Rustenburg being hot and sunny most of the year, it makes sense to convert sunlight to electricity but why are so many people hesitant to change over?

The single most common objection to solar power is the initial cost involved to get started.   Although the energy of the sun is free of charge,  to get set up to convert this energy might seem costly.   If you keep in mind that energy converted after the start-up cost will be ongoing and free, it outweighs this concern as initial costs will be paid back in no time and after that you save all the way.

Other advantages of solar power:

With new solar technological advances, solar energy is becoming more affordable and more readily obtainable.

Solar panels are durable, require low maintenance and have a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

Be self-reliant and go off the grid by powering your entire household with solar power or opt to only supplement with solar power and save on electricity bills.  Swimming pool heating, gardening lighting and solar geysers are examples of things that can easily be converted or replaced to use solar power and is a great way to test if solar power will work for your household.

Excess energy can be stored for when it is needed during times where there is no sunlight eg. at night or during overcast periods.

The use of solar power combats pollution on different levels, ideal for keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum and doing our bit for the environment.  It produce no gases, smoke or chemical by-products and is a silent producer, thus no sound pollution.

Solar power is an indefinitely renewable energy source as we will not run out of sunlight anytime soon.  The sun is also consistent as it is not dependent on human interference, price hikes etc. as is the case with oil reserves.  Energy from the sun is free!

Why wait?  Convert to solar power for a sustainable, clean environment and save money while you are at it!

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